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The Once and Future Kiki [userpic]
Claim #33: Jack/Sayid
by The Once and Future Kiki (greta_garbo)
at July 13th, 2006 (12:10 am)

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Title: Rhythm
Author: greta_garbo
Rating: PG (for subtext)
Word Count: 311
Author's Notes: Just a really short character thought piece. Very, very general, so no real spoilers, and it can relly take place at any time in the series so far.

They don’t talk when they work together. They don’t need to. They’re so in sync with each other, have such a perfect rhythm, that talking would probably just throw them off. Jack  just knows exactly when to hand Sayid the bottle of water, or exactly when to take the axe from him, and talking would just ruin it.

Jack was never good at knowing what people wanted. He could never just guess. People had to tell him in simple words what they wanted. Signals and body language were lost on him. That was why he could never really give his father what he wanted. That was why Sarah left him.

It didn’t really make sense, he supposed. He was a doctor, he understood what the body was telling him when the person couldn’t. But that was when minds and thoughts and desires weren’t involved. Science and anatomy he could deal with. Human nature, not so much.

Jack had tried to make everyone else on the island happy, had tried to figure out what they wanted, but he found himself constantly failing at that. Kate was a complete mystery to him at almost all times. Sawyer was more complicated and unpredictable than he wanted to admit. Even the simplest and most uncomplicated people on the island, like Claire, made him feel socially inept, when he’d stand there after checking up on Aaron, thinking of something to say to put the young mother at ease and always failing.

But he understood Sayid. Sayid didn’t expect Jack to give him something he really couldn’t. He didn’t expect Jack to say the exact right thing or to be there at the exact right time.

Sayid’s needs were simple. Water. Axe. Hand it over. Take it away. And it was in that simplicity that Jack found the only place he could truly rest on the island.


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