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Nichole [userpic]
Claim 49: Locke/Sayid
by Nichole (walkwithheroes)
at August 17th, 2006 (07:33 pm)

current mood: good

Title: Searching
Author: walkwithheroes
Ship: Locke&(/)Sayid
Rating: between G and PG
Word Count: 596
Author's Notes: I thought this would be hard to write. I'm not a Locke fan and I've never written slash. So, I just sort of went with my muse, who wrote Locke&Sayid, with some BYOS (bring your own subtext).
Summery: Sayid and Locke do some traveling post-island, while Sayid looks for someone and Locke looks at Sayid.

Sayid was not naive, Locke wasn't a total idiot.