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LOST Shippage
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Welcome to lost_shippage, a LOST ship fic challenge!

The world of LOST is complex, and the fandom it has developed has grown more and more. People show their appreciation of this show from icons to fanfictions- a favorite theme revolving around relationships. However, 99% of it seems to be about the same relationships every time. Want to try something new? Write something you've never even consitered writing about?

Well, here's your chance.

lost_shippage is a fanfiction challenge devoted to the pairings you don't often hear about. In fact, I've attempted to compose a list of every possible pairing, rare and common. These ships could be cannon within the show or could seem almost ridiculously silly. This is a chance to branch out to new ideas, and, more importantly, have fun.

Sounds good? Fantastic! Here are the rules of your challege:

• Join the community. If you don't, you're not going to be posting anything anytime soon. :D

• You may make up to two claims at a time.

• Go to the Claim List in order to request a number. I will give you a pairing in a screened comment based on your number. There is no time limit to fulfill your assignment, but try not to go over three weeks.

• Check the MOD POSTS in the Memories section to get to our Affiliates page or to Request a Pairing to be added to our Claim List.

• When you are ready to post your fic, please use this format:
Word Count:
Author's Notes:
Summery is optional, and can go in the Author's Notes if you wish.

• It would be very helpful to TAG your entry with your pairing. If you do this, be sure that if you get "Hurley/Shannon" you tag it as "Hurley/Shannon," not "Shannon/Hurley." It's going into Memories (which I will do) either way.

• Stories of ANY length MUST be behind an lj-cut.

• Any rating is welcome, but be sure to include a warning if it is rated R or above.

• If you get a pairing that you want to change, have a good reason for it. I'm fairly understanding, but I don't want to hear "Boone would never give up his love for Shannon!" or "Rose would never love anyone but Bernard!" Those are examples of bad reasonings.

• Shipping does NOT have to be romantic if you see fit. We understand if you don't want to have to write a Michael/Walt romantic relationship and do a father/son relationship instead.

• Your assigned pairing must be a main focus of your story. That's not to say that others can't be in the story, or it can't be from someone else's point of view. You can allude to other ships, definitely, as long as their not taking up more spotlight than the pairing at hand. :)

• Your fic can take place in any time period; be it pre-island, during their time spent on the island, or post-rescue. Be creative.

• All genres are welcome, be it drama, comedy, action, fluffy, or dark. Whatever you want to do, go ahead and do it.

• PROOFREAD before posting! No one likes to read a fic full of spelling or grammar errors.

• Looking for a pairing to read? Check the "Memories" section.

• Be sure to leave a comment if you read a story on this community and enjoy it. It takes people a long time to write something that they are proud of enough to show it off, and it only takes a moment to write a "good work." It's the same courtesy as leaving a waiter a tip. On the other hand, don't flame if you didn't enjoy it. This is a wank-free community. Constructive critisism is encouraged if the author gives the okay.


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